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Using the power of neighbor-to-neighbor organizing and the compelling cost savings of a group purchase, Solarize Northwest helps communities in Washington and Oregon go solar together. By partnering with grassroots sustainability groups and local installers, we help neighbors come together to enjoy discounts and time savings through the group purchase of solar systems. Solarize provides a streamlined process through which neighbors can collectively decide where to start, how to budget, what to buy, and who to hire.

A program of Northwest SEED, Solarize Northwest has already helped hundreds of Washington homeowners go solar.

Current Campaigns

Snoqualmie Campaign button

Campaigns from other organizations:
Solarize Whatcom
Solarize Bellevue

Solarize Kirkland

our impact
  • 714 – Solar installations
  • 3.5 Megawatts of solar installed
  • 17.4 – Millions of dollars invested in our local solar economy by Solarize participants
  • 3,000 – Educated through our public workshops
  • 10 – Solarize Washington campaigns
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