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Current Neighborhood Solarize Projects

The Neighborhood Approach

Solarize Washington is a Northwest SEED initiative designed to bring solar energy to Washington homes.  By partnering with grassroots sustainability groups and local installers, we help neighbors come together to enjoy significant discounts through the group purchase of solar systems.  The Solarize initiative provides a streamlined process through which neighbors can collectively decide where to start, how to budget, what to buy, and who to hire.

Key features of Solarize Washington include:

  • Grassroots outreach and promotion by neighborhood volunteers
  • Competitively selected contractors with set prices
  • Free educational workshops for all participants
  • Free site assessments for all participants to determine solar suitability
  • A limited time offer to get the best deal on solar around!

Don't see your neighborhood on the list? Contact us to find out how you can join the Solarize movement and get in on the deal!
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What your neighbors are saying

"Our 4.8 kw system just got inspected and turned on today around noon.  I've been happily watching the meter spin backward ever since!  Thank you for all your work in organizing this program.  It's a great accomplishment that you've helped so many people move toward a non-polluting future."

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