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Welcome to Solarize Seattle: Northwest

Volunteer sunflowersBringing the Power of Solar to your Neighborhood

Thank you for stopping by to learn about Solarize Washington's sixth campaign, Solarize Seattle: Northwest. Northwest SEED launched the project in January 2013, alongside a host of partners including Seattle City Light, Phinney Neighborhood AssociationSustainable Greenwood-PhinneySustainable BallardSustainable WallingfordSustainable SeattlePhinney Ridge Community CouncilGreenwood Community CouncilWallingford Community CouncilFremont Neighborhood Council, and Green Lake Community Council, and installation team Artisan Electric and Puget Sound Solar. This outpouring of community support made for a wildly successful campaign -- our biggest to date! The neighborhood buzz around the project earned us some great publicity, including articles in the Seattle Times and Crosscut and an Earth Day feature with the Seattle Channel.

Now that registration has closed and installations are wrapping up, we're excited to start generating some solar energy. Thanks to everyone that took the time to learn about solar and participate in this project, Solarize Seattle: Northwest has been a great success!

Solarize Seattle: Northwest by the numbers...

  • Duration: January-April 2013
  • Registered: 670 Northwest Seattle residents
  • Evaluated: 520 Northwest Seattle homes
  • Solarized: 141 Northwest Seattle homes for 640 kilowatts of solar!


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Solarize Northwest

What your neighbors are saying

"The Solarize program made it easy to actually go through with the installation. If it remained an individual effort, I almost certainly wouldn't have gotten around to it. Producing my own electricity also helped justify the purchase of an electric car."

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