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Welcome to Solarize Stanwood/Camano

Bringing the Power of Solar to your Neighborhood

Solar installation photoThank you for stopping by to learn about Solarize Washington's fourth campaign, Solarize Stanwood/Camano.  Since the project launch in February 2012, Northwest SEED and our project partners Snohomish PUD, Whidbey Sun & Wind, Fire Mountain Solar, and the Solarize Stanwood/Camano Community Group have been busy spreading the word about Solarize and educating local residents on the benefits of solar.  Maybe you attended one of our many workshops, or stopped to chat when we were tabling at the farmer's market.  The neighborhood buzz around the project earned us some great publicity, including articles in the Stanwood/Camano News and the Snohomish County Business Journal.

Now that registration has closed and installations have wrapped up, we're excited to start generating some solar energy.  Thanks to everyone that took the time to learn about solar and participate in this project, Solarize Stanwood/Camano has been a great success!

Solarize Stanwood/Camano by the numbers...

  • Duration: February-May 2012
  • Registered: 245 Stanwood/Camano residents
  • Evaluated: 180 Stanwood/Camano homes
  • Solarized: 26 Stanwood/Camano homes for 114 kilowatts of solar!


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Solarize Stanwood/Camano

What your neighbors are saying

"Solar was on my radar but because we use so little electricity I probably would never have done anything about it. The Solarize program made it so easy and taught me how financially feasible it was that I couldn't not do it while the incentives are available. Now we are converts and are thrilled with the result."

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