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Solarize U Trainings

About Solarize U

Building on the success of our Solarize Washington campaigns, Northwest SEED is launching a new program called Solarize U -- a training program that will facilitate replication of the successful Solarize model across the state. Through delivery of Solarize U workshops and tools, Northwest SEED will build the capacity of local leaders, nonprofit organizations, municipal governments, and electric utilities to implement Solarize programs in their own communities.

Northwest SEED will conduct three regional trainings around Washington State in late 2012 and early 2013.  Training attendees will walk away with the skills, materials, connections, and know-how they need to launch a Solarize campaign in their community, including the following:

  • Campaign Training: Trainings will provide an overview of the Solarize model, solar technology and incentives, and best practices for replication.  Time will be provided for breakout sessions, where participants can connect with their colleagues and begin campaign planning. Northwest SEED will tailor specific training elements to meet the unique needs of the local area demographics.
  • Program Materials: Participants will receive a Solarize U workbook, which provides an in-depth explanation of how to run a successful Solarize campaign.  The workbook will contain program templates, marketing collateral, sample budgets, and related materials, and will be available in print and digital format.
  • Digital Workspace: The creation of an online “workspace” will allow Northwest SEED and Solarize communities across the state to continue to engage, collaborate, and advance the Solarize movement.  Online tools will allow for increased program efficiencies as Solarize Washington continues to grow.


Solarize U Outcomes

The impact of Solarize U will extend beyond program training.  Training participants will be encouraged to pursue a Solarize campaign in their community, and will have the opportunity to access assistance as needed.  Northwest SEED envisions numerous direct and indirect outcomes arising from Solarize U, including capacity building, replication and distribution of best practices, and community empowerment.

Stay tuned for training dates and registration details.  If you want to bring a Solarize U training to your community, let us know!

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