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Solarize Washington Registration

You have reached the registration page for Solarize Washington. If you don't see your area listed but are interested in bringing a Solarize campaign to your neighborhood, please complete the following registration page and select "General interest in a future campaign."

The fine print: Registration in a Solarize Washington campaign does not bind you to participating in the program or installing solar on your home. Registration simply means that you are interested in learning more about going solar and receiving a site assessment through the Solarize Washington campaign in your area. There is no cost and no obligation for getting a site assessment.


Which free workshop do you plan to attend?

Depending on demand, translation services may be available at some workshops with sufficient notice.
Do you own or rent your residence or small business?

Would you like to receive information on solar loans from a local financial institution? (You may be contacted directly by Umpqua Bank or PSCCU.)

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Volunteer in your neighborhood Solarize campaign! You can assist with selecting the solar contractor and/or community outreach activities! Check the box to receive more information.
What your neighbors are saying

"I went with Solarize because the solar installation company was vetted and presented by an NGO with a track record."

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